About Andrew

Andrew Eggleton – Certified Teacher, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Andrew playing the organ in church

I had the desire to learn to play the piano from a very young age but did not have the opportunity at first. I was the youngest of 4 children and did not have access to piano lessons as a child. At the age of 19, however, I had the chance to learn to play. I began with great determination to continue and develop my skill and have never looked back.

I am dyslexic and had a very sympathetic piano teacher who worked with me to help me succeed through all the grades up to grade 8. I feel that being dyslexic has actually worked to my advantage – I understand different learning styles, the determination required, and the challenges of the learning process.

Throughout my piano teaching career I have been involved with a wide range of pupils of all ages and abilities, including working with the disabled and using music as a therapy.

Certificate of Teaching Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

My motivation for teaching is to give my pupils an opportunity that I didn’t have as well as passing on a passion for music. It is very rewarding to see them grow and develop their skill.

I believe that learning to play the piano should be a pleasure. I encourage my pupils to play music that they enjoy and, although I think it is important to take piano exams, I don’t consider it a necessity. The main thing is to play for pleasure.

As well as playing the piano I am also the organist at the Kingsway United Reform Church in Slough where I am responsible for the music for the services. My current career plans include further study into music therapy.