Andrew teaching a young student

“Andrew began to teach Jack three years ago. At first Jack was quite nervous and unsure of his abilities. He is now a keen musician with individual tastes and enthusiasm for the piano.  Andrew has been calm, patient and has listened to Jacks needs. He is reliable and adapts to the child’s needs accordingly with each lesson.

He has now begun to teach my younger son Alex (2 ½) and has some excellent skills which he uses to keep Alex focused and learning through play.  Alex looks forward to his lessons and sits eagerly at the piano awaiting Andrew’s arrival!”

Leanne, Dorney Reach

Quote Jack age 10

“Andrew has been teaching me for more than 3 years and I’ve learnt a great deal.  He helped when I was struggling and is very patient.  At the moment he is teaching my little brother who is 2½ years old and has learnt alot by Andrew teaching him in a special way. Overall I think he’s a great teacher and would recommend him to anyone”

Jack, Age 10

Quote Katelyn age 6

“Andrew has been teaching Molly and Freddy piano lessons at home for a while. I have been incredibly impressed with the pace he works and the method he adopts.  The children are soaring ahead with the added bonus that they adore his lessons and looks forward to seeing him. One of his best characteristics is the way he speaks to the children and encourages them to enjoy what they are doing”

Jessie, Eton Wick

Quote Megan age 10

“My daughters have been learning the piano with Andrew since March last year. I cannot believe how well they have progressed in such a short time – especially as they are only 5 and 6 years old.  Andrew makes the piano lessons fun and is really able to communicate with them at their level. Thank you Andrew”

Anne-Marie, Maidenhead